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Single Hitch

Title:  Single Hitch
Author:  kastari

Summary:  People spend a lifetime searching for happiness, looking for peace.  They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them.  The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within.  ~Ramona L. Anderson
Characters:  Bill Adama
Rating:  T
Word Count:  516
Author’s Note:  Written for the 1st makebillhappy challenge.  Prompt:  Make Bill happy out of uniform.
Additional Note:  The idea for this story was sparked by a discussion topic on thequorum

Disclaimer:  I'm just playing in Universal's sandbox.  


Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~Abraham Lincoln )
Adama--Warm Smile
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Two announcements!

First, the Inaugural Make Bill Happy Fic Challenge is up and running. Go check it out and write some happy-making fic for our Admiral!

And second, we have two wonderful people who have volunteered to be william_adama's new mods! Please give a warm thank-you to bsg_aussiegirl and escapedvelocity for stepping up. ^_^ Of course we have one snag in that I cannot actually make them both maintainers until LJ finishes assigning owners to communities and unfreezes the owner-level functions, but that's just a matter of time. altitudeandwine and I will stay on as emergency backup maintainers, but these two will be the guiding hands. High-fives to you both!

If anyone has any suggestions, questions, or just wants to say YAY NEW MODS, comment away!
EJO Today
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New EJO fansite! Plus a request

Thanks to umademebelieve's post on adama_roslin, I found out about a new fan website dedicated to Edward James Olmos. If you're an EJO fan, you'll want to check it out:

Also, information about site updates and other news and information are also cross-posted to LJ if you want to add them as a friend:

Oh, and they're also on Twitter:!/olmosperfect

Now for the request: I obviously haven't had the time or energy for quite a while to do much with this comm myself besides add people when they requested membership, so I would like to find one or two Eddie-enthusiastic souls who might be willing to take over from me. Just comment here if your interested! All comments are screened.


The deadline for EJO’s birthday project is approaching fast and I would like to remind anyone who is interested in participating that they have to send in their contribution by the 8th of February. So far we don’t have many contributions yet, so we would really appreciate a few more.

Here are the details again: Link

Also, donations in honor of EJO’s birthday are still possible till the 12th of February: Link
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Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for the scrapbook in honor of Edward’s James Olmos’s birthday is one month away. All the information you need can be found here:

Please participate, we have no contribution yet and we really want to do this for EJO. Just a short note will do and would mean a lot! Thank you!

Also, remember that we’re doing a donation drive for EJO’s birthday and the money will go a charity that means a lot to him. Here are the details:

Please donate!

EJO b-day

Birthday-Scrapbook for EJO!

Birthday-Scrapbook for EJO!

Since EJO appreciated the scrapbook/donation drive we did for his birthday over the last two years, scarecrow1983 and I have again decided to do another one this year. We can’t tell you all enough how very grateful and happy EJO was about last year’s scrapbook, so we’re hoping to be able to put together another wonderful book for him and therefore we hope to get as many participants as possible. Any contribution no matter what it is is welcomed. Here are the details:

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